Jeff Bennett - former Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  “Gary, Catherine and Ai have been my go to lawyers for over 25 years and they have been, and continue to be, critical to my success.”

Sharon Bagley - personal injury client “Gary, thank you for being my champion on my legal battlefield”.

Mary Cramer – daughter of Holocaust survivors “Gary, I wanted to express the gratitude of the family for your candor and utmost professionalism . . . I cannot tell you how grateful we are to you for all of your outstanding work on behalf of our family.  Thank you again from the bottom on our hearts; I still say you saved us lambs from the grips of the lion’s den...“. 

John Johnson, Esq. - "Gary Cripe and I collaborated in representing a California-based media enterprise for approximately 20 years. Gary was the ideal counselor - calm, patient, loyal, tactful, always with an eye on the longer-term objective careful, thorough, and - when the circumstance called for him to do so - capable of giving the client the unwanted but necessary opinion."

Herbert Hafif, Esq. – “Gary is one of the top trial lawyers in the State of California.   Gary has proven himself capable of handling any type of litigation as well as the most complex negotiations.  He is especially gifted at finding the bottom line of any factual situation, whether it involves an orthopedic mistake by a doctor or an engineering mistake by a product designer, an accountant’s mistake, or a securities fraud.”

John Widly, entrepreneur – “Cripe & Graham is responsive, creative and gets results”.

William K. Talley, Chairman Helionetics, Inc. – “Gary, before the urgent drives away the important, I want to take the time to thank you for your splendid work.  Every so often I lapse into a lack of appreciation of what it takes to be professional in a field.  After all, there on the TV screen you see the fielder rush to catch the baseball as it rises on the first bounce and then turn and toss it to the player on the base, without appearing to aim.  It looks easy and you think it is until you try it yourself.  Then you know that not everyone can do it well.  The past few weeks were an education in how negotiations can be handled correctly when done by a professional”.