$9,000,000 settlement for client whose leg was amputated due to the negligence of a hospital and physicians.

Multimillion dollar settlement for clients who suffered property damage and personal injury caused by the operators of a Southern California toxic dump.  Reported in the media to have been in excess of $40 million.

Multimillion dollar settlement for minor bitten by tiger at Lion Country Safari.

Multimillion dollar, confidential, settlement for client whose leg was amputated in a car accident due to the negligence
 of county and state police officers.

Seats vs. General Motors – Plaintiff’s verdict for injuries caused by unwanted, spontaneous acceleration of late model Cadillac.  Reportedly, this was the first judgment of its kind.

$1.4 millon, settlement for client whose foot was crushed by a city bus while she was crossing the street
in a crosswalk.

Vargas vs. Retail Clerks Union -  $5.82 million dollar judgment for the mom and pop operators of a start-up, neighborhood grocery store who were victimized by the wrongful conduct of union members during a strike (among the largest punitive damages verdicts sustained on appeal at that time).

$16.550 millon settlement after a month long trial for a client who was the largest shareholder of a hospital holding company (NYSE), who was unsuccessful in his attempt to acquire the company through a leveraged buyout, due to the wrongful conduct of the board of directors and its advisors.

Negotiated settlement for Holocaust survivors which preserved over $100 million of Southern California real estate for which they had granted an option to purchase at fire sale prices.

Multimillion dollar, confidential, settlement including comparative and punitive damages against worldwide insurance broker (NYSE) who placed client’s insurance coverage with an insolvent insurance company.

Seven figure, confidential, settlement with insurance company (NYSE) that refused to repair the flood damaged home of its insured.

Substantial and confidential settlement for Helionetics, Inc. on whose board sat Edward Teller (father of the hydrogen bomb), David Jones (former Naval Chief of Staff) and Wilson K. Talley (renowned nuclear physicist).

Substantial and confidential settlement for plaintiff, an interstate regional construction supply company, which suffered millions of dollars of business loss due to defective and/or damaged computer hardware and software.   According to defense counsel, this was the only case of its kind settled by defendant company (NYSE).

Confidential settlement of intellectual property dispute between IKEA and Stör.  The Los Angeles Times would later remark that this settlement was a “significant victory” for Stör – David triumphs over Goliath.

Confidential settlement in favor of television station client against major television broadcast network (NYSE), sports networks, universities and athletic conferences for antitrust interference with the live, local broadcast of college football games. 

Confidential settlement in favor of television broadcasting client against major television program syndicator for alleged block booking of popular television sitcoms.

Issuance of permanent injunction on behalf of client whose proprietary pet food product was misappropriated by a former manufacturer for the benefit of a competitor.